Makiko Nishikaze studied composition, first in Japan and then at Mills College, California, with Alvin Curran. She completed her studies at the Hochschule der Künste Berlin as a Meisterschülerin of Walter Zimmermann.


I have for some time been concerned with spatial music. The performance space itself is used as an instrument to unite visual and acoustic impressions in a single whole. I often extend the concept of my composition with performative-action, using everyday objects and materials, with which I explore the spatial dimensions visibly and audibly. My compositions are not directed at some eccentric or stunning result but are rather intended as a guide towards a higher level of the ability to listen.

Living Piano Room (2020) sound installation and performance, at Atelier Siegele in Darmstadt

My theme, “attentive listening can sharpen perception” leads to consequently further important art form: video art as visual composition. The way I create video work is similar to how I compose music. Both art forms are time-based. My video works are not narrative. These are the observations through eyes and camera - perceptions of fragmented reality. It is also the realisation of the idea of “listening with eyes” and the result is "experimental visual composition". Makiko Nishikaze 2024

te to te - hand and hand (2021), video installation, ARTHaus in Altheim

Video works and electroacoustic compositions have been presented at (selection):
Festival Forum Wallis, Switzerland (2018): sound installation
Festival “Den Bogen Spannen”, Darmstadt (2019): video installation
GEDOK Stuttgart (2020, 2022): video and sound presentation
Internationaler Waldkunstpfad, Darmstadt (2020): video and sound installation
ARThaus Altheim (2021): video installation
Serlachius Residency Gallery, Finland (2021): video installation
Tage der Industriekultur Rhein-Main (2021): sound installation
SWITCH 2021, Ireland: video installation
Kunsthalle Darmstadt (2021): video installation
Pikisaari Biennale, Finland (2022): video and sound installation
Art Space Berlin (2023): video installation
Kuusamotalo, Finnland (2023): video and sound installation

all water - oulu water (2022) video installation, Art Hub Pikisaari, Oulu, Finnland

Some video works on Vimeo

Selected Performances: Börstingen hören (2016), westwind with Peter Ablinger (2016), Ellipse with Nikolaus Heyduck (2017), makokon with Christine Düwel, drawing and installation (2017), Lehre mich Schwäbisch (2017), makokon in Darmstadt (2017), Winsen hören (2018), Panik Raum (2018), forest music in Darmstadt (2020), spatial sound performance in Aschaffenburg (2023)


Performance "Bridge is our Music Theater" (2022) in Oulu, Finland
Photo: Timo Mattila